I'm Mirčo Krsteski

Passionate maker and inspirer in business development entrepreneurship and leadership

Personal Details

  • Name and Surname: Mirčo Krsteski
  • Birthday: 25th February, 1982
  • Place of birth: Macedonia, birthplace of Alexander the Great
  • Nationality: German
  • Ambassador for the European Chapter of Macedonia2025
  • Former professional extreme sports athlete
  • Languages: Macedonian, German, English

About me

My mission statement "Lust and love are the wings to great deeds" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. True to the statemate, I am committed to new business developing approaches and visions. As a leader I am working with our service portfolio to inspire our customers. In my business activities, I attach great importance to customer satisfaction and customer connection.


Businessman and Industrial Engineer

  • Participation in Management Consulting
  • Professional experience in the automotive industry
  • Product marketing at Volkswagen AG
  • Module management at Audi AG
  • Development of action areas for the executive level due to the demographic challenges at AutoUni for the Volkswagen Group
  • Project management at Daimler AG
  • Head of Department Mobility & Industrial Technology at an Engineering and IT service provider No. 1
  • Business and Career Coaching
  • Leading of Key Account Management for a national client at a world leader of professional IT, Engineering and Life Sciences solutions
  • Manager for the sales activities and processes at a premium engineering & technology services company in the field of digitization, engineering and cognitive technology solutions

Dates / Next Lectures

Thursday • September 14, 2017

Upcoming Technical Lecture

The one-time trends Autonomous driving and e-mobility have long since come in the presence of German automotive manufacturers and require new paradigms in vehicle development. In doing so, the focus shifts from classical design tasks to holistic concepts. This change will also change the demands on the engineers who develop and manufacture the systems. A solid basic knowledge in one of the relevant disciplines is no longer enough. What is needed is interdisciplinary thinking in combination with distinctive specialist knowledge. But what specific qualifications do the ideal specialist have to bring, for example, to the current automotive industry? How has the appropriate training to look? And above all: Did the universities respond in time to the changes in the market and have adapted their curricula to current requirements? Moving Future For Engineering“ at Recruiting Day, Stuttgart

Words of Wisdom

In the case of a goal achievement, it is important that you keep your goal in focus, but remains flexible and also takes detours. A tree is also rooted in its roots, runs upwards and moves gently in the wind. Nothing is static and flexibility is, in my opinion, an important property for achieving the goal.

Bei einer Zielerreichung ist es wichtig, dass man sein Ziel im Fokus behält, dabei jedoch flexibel bleibt und auch mal Umwege annimmt. Ein Baum steht auch fest verwurzelt, rankt hoch empor und bewegt sich sanft im Wind. Nichts ist statisch und Flexibilität ist in meinen Augen eine wichtige Eigenschaft zur Zielerreichung.

- Mirčo Krsteski

Success is omnipresent. It’s a challenge to identify success, to benefit from the success and to manage the consequences of success sustainably.

Der Erfolg ist allgegenwärtig. Die Herausforderung - erkennen, ergreifen und die Folgen des Erfolgs nachhaltig managen.

- Mirčo Krsteski

Use profit to expand your business. Focus customer satisfaction and not profit.

Nutze Gewinn, um dein Unternehmen auszubauen. Fokussiere Kundenzufriedenheit und nicht Gewinn.

- Mirčo Krsteski

Passion and conviction change the substance.

Leidenschaft und Überzeugung verändern die Materie!

- Mirčo Krsteski

Go open with your strengths and learning fields - so you will reach your goal faster.

Gehe offen mit deine Stärken und Lernfelder um – so gelangst du schneller ans Ziel.

- Mirčo Krsteski

Have goals, think them BIG, VISUALIZE them daily, and ALWAYS accept what happens.

Hab´ Ziele, denke sie GROSS, VISUALISIERE sie täglich und akzeptiere IMMER was geschieht!

- Mirčo Krsteski

Reduce competition, maximize cooperation - internally and externally.

Wettbewerb reduzieren, Kooperation maximieren - intern und extern.

- Mirčo Krsteski

Not always more - always better

Nicht immer mehr - immer besser!

- Mirčo Krsteski

A good working day begins with goals.

Ein guter Arbeitstag beginnt mit Zielen.

- Mirčo Krsteski

If you want performance, you have to contribute sense.

Wer Leistung will, muss Sinn stiften.

- Mirčo Krsteski

The entrepreneur has to make himself superfluous. For this, must be clarified framework conditions, trust in one's own employees, let them doing, eliminate disruptive factors and promote their potentials.

Der Unternehmer muss sich selbst überflüssig machen. Dafür sind Rahmenbedingungen klarzustellen, in eigene Mitarbeiter Vertrauen setzen, diese machen lassen, Störfaktoren eliminieren und deren Potenziale fördern.

- Mirčo Krsteski

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